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HEALING THE DIVORCED HEART:- My mysterious crush.
‘Wow, today you won the bet, and tomorrow I may lose because I have never won ha.. ha..’ Wangchuk wishes, as he put back his compound bow into its cover after tough match with me.
‘Sure, tomorrow come with two pairs of arrow, you may win, otherwise no chance’ I teased him. He gave a loud laugh and opens the back door of his fancy electric Mercedes and put his stuffs in the car. It was time for us to get back home from our regular saturday evening archery play.
We drove towards our respective home. He lives just adjacent to my apartment and as I wait for auto scan of my car number at gate to my home, he drove up ahead with smooth acceleration without any noise unlike cars of some twenty years back and turned left towards his apartment.
The sun has touched the mountain horizon, and it was my routine to go through news paper and I used to read “Good evening Bhutan”. One of the headlines of the that evening reads “LPU,Space and RUB signs MOU for the space research project worth $1billion”, Since I saw the news about the university that i have studied some twenty years back, I had a clear flesh back memory of my second college life and lost in the memories until my daughter waved at me ‘apa! you are sleeping your eyes wide open’?
‘no no’
Apa anything about RCSE result,
Why?, do you think you can get through?’
‘who knows, I may top apa”
I thought of asking further about her confidence to top, but she changed the topic and started asking me about other news as she pulled the news paper and seated just next to me.
‘oh Apa, I knew why you were day dreaming’, she giggles,
‘What makes you to get lost in the day dream just by reading the news about the university you have studied, someone special?’ She teased, and looked at me with ‘about to laugh’, expression.
I said, ‘nothing special’, when actually I was undergoing deep sense of sorrow recalling all my memories of my young days, specially my love life of those days.
‘Apa, something is wrong with you, I can judge your facial expression’, she said, implementing her idea gained from her elective subject ‘Human psychology” during her five years of medical studies.
Since she insisted like never before, I have decided to share my mysterious crush story that I have ever experienced. After all she is my eldest sibling and had been a good daughter, so I felt she may learn something from my story.
Ok then listen, but don’t create nuisance.
She started listening as I narrated:-
*My exam got over by 30 minutes ahead of scheduled and I was out of hall. Immediately I gave a text message.
“hello, I am outside, where are you?”, waited for her response, since there was no prompt response, I had to wait for a while.
Ops, Wechat, have no features to check whether the message has been seen by receiver unlike Messanger.
After waiting for around 20 minutes, I texted again.
“hope you haven’t left the Hall already”
Still with no response, I have decided to wait, because after 10 minutes the examinations time gets over.
Within few minutes, my cell bips,“ hey, where are you?”,
Having received her response, I was looking around trying to find her, instead of texting back. I thought I would recognize her because we have been chatting for past few weeks and got much familiar by profile pictures.
“m here near block 56, where are you?” I have texted back.
As I was trying to find her from the thousands passing by, completing their exams, I could see finely dressed with modern attire, fair looking girl, standing bit far from me, as if impatiently waiting to someone. She seemed the one whom I was waiting for, and I approached bit nearer.
Her hairs finely straightened, natural yellowish and silky, few blown off gently by spring breezes of the plain. Her hands, frequently trying to uncover her eyes and faces from little fringes of hair. As I approached closer, I observed that she looks much familiar to me. I knew she was the girl whom I was waiting as per the appointment sought a day before. But I was still confused because she looked really familiar to me as if I have known her from past.
“hello,,,,, Lhaden!?” i greeted.
With much reluctance she asked whether it’s, me who was on chat.
I confirmed it was me. Only then, she gave me a broad smile that starts from her beautiful eyes and passed to fairly reddened cheek. While, the reddened cheek, I assumed could be due to her exam just few minutes back. She was as beautiful as I have expected.
“oh, you could recognized me right” she said, as she took out her umbrella from her handbag leading the move forward.
“yea, I have recognized you because I have seen you last semester” I replied confidently.
Meanwhile we were walking back to our respective home, we continued talking, finding ways to walk parallel along the ways filled with thousands passing to and fro. The way she talked, her cheerful nature and every action have drawn my attention completely within very short time.
After walking some time, I have realized that she was holding umbrella and felt she might be tired of holding it. I thought of lending help to hold, but umbrella was ladies colored and more over I hesitated that she would be uncomfortable to allow me. With the much frankness and comfort in sharing any talks, it automatically became interesting between us, unlike situation where I usually don’t know how to talk with girls, when I face for the first time. Within just a few moment of walk together towards home, the situation seemed completely like gossiping two old friends meeting after long time, when actually we were strangers, talking for the first time. I wished that the path we were walking was little longer, but soon after, the junction had appeared and she left towards her hostel and I continued my way. I could not prevent my eyes from following her, until the sight became blurry as she moved away.
This was the first day, I met someone stranger but familiar, met for first time but much comfortable. As the time passed, we could not meet again, but continued our regular chats. I knew she was much younger than me, no doubt that my status are beyond the scope of any love life, yet my undisciplined heart have blindly chosen her and developed very strong feelings. When I could no longer hide feelings, I shared that I love her unconditionally. Although I have shared my feelings I didn’t bother to ask her response because I knew her response will be negative which will hurt me, so I continued with the same trend of chats and gossips. Diminished by the world of desire, I landed up falling in love to someone who had very good curtsy and social sense of humanity towards me. As the time passed, I found myself getting hurt based on the way she treats me. Although she has done nothing wrong to me, I found myself hurt. Mind says, ‘its wrong to love blindly’ but heart opposed and remained chilled with mysteries love. As fate allowed me to built love in cloud, I expect fate will help me to remove love from cloud.. modern evening dresses
To be continued…….;-